Sport UP Mobility week

Sep 16, 2021 | News

For the 20th anniversary of the European mobility week taking place in Slovenia, we have prepared 3 movement-based challenges!

The use of alternative transport options such as walking, cycling or public transport is a great example of a sustainable mobility model. The goal of a sustainable mobility model is to establish a system that allows everyone to choose an alternative source of transportation. The focus is on limiting the use of personal motorised vehicles and consequently limit the use of non-renewable energy resources and in turn support the use of alternative transport systems.

Challenge no. 1: A million steps

We all carry a smart phone in our pocket – and they are all capable of counting the steps we make. Some come with the appropriate apps pre-installed, the rest can download them from the App-store (we suggest the app below for the process of data extraction)

Android: Google fit
Apple/iOs: Google fit

The challenge starts on 9.22.2021. There are exactly 100 days left in 2021 on that day – which means that you will reach a million steps by the end of the year, if you do 10000 steps each day.

A ZOOM workshop will take place on Tuesday, 9.21.2021 at 11:00 – there we will show you how to install the Google fit app and how the extraction of data works. ZOOM link and password:
Password: “milijon”

We will award three random contestants in the first week of January, 2022!

Challenge no. 2: 1000 meters of altitude

We have prepared 10 hiking ideas as part of our “Idejni izletnik” during the summer. The challenge is to do 1000 meters of elevation but you can only hike the destinations we described in the “Idejni izletnik” (it was written in Slovenian – if you need additional information regarding each individual trip, you can write to us on

As proof you will need to take a picture/selfie on top! The hills included in “Idejni izletnik” do not exceed 500 meters – so you will need to do at least 3 trips. Bellow you will find a table of content, with information regarding the height difference of each trip:

Lipnik 370
Istrski spodmoli 200
Ob obali do Strunjana 50
Vremščica 500
Pot za srce in ožilje 260
Po poti oslovskega hrbta 120
Pravljični Pomjan 370
Osp – Socerb – Kastelec 400
TIGRovska spominska pot 60
Glinščica 490

We will award three random contestants in the first week of January, 2022!Exceptionally you can also join us on our organised Sport UP hiking trips (October, November) – they will also count! A photo at the top will still be obligatory.


Challenge no. 3 (employee only): Don’t take your car to work 10x a month

To support the use of alternative transportation, we encourage you to not take your car to work at least 10x per month.

The challenge starts on 9.22.2021 and ends on 12.22.2021.

If you wish to take part in the challenge, you must send us an e-mail to – we will send a monthly table of content in which you will be able to mark what form of transportation you used on each given day! You will then send us the table of content on the 22nd of October and we will send the next month’s table to you.

Every month, we will award a random contestant (10.22.2021, 11.22.2021, 12.22.2021)!

Stay active and healthy!
Sport UP team

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