What do I need to have in order to attend the activities of ŠportUP?
In order to attend you must be a student of the University of Primorska and have a valid student card. Entry into the gyms and other areas is allowed only in clean sports shoes and proper clothing. You can find information regarding a specific activity by selecting the activity in the schedule schedule or by clicking on the respective icon.
Where will the recreational activities and workshops take place?

The recreational activities and workshops will take place at different locations in Koper. The different locations of events and activities are marked on the map
and are shown when selecting a specific activity.

How will ŠportUP check if I really am a student of UP?
All of our activities will be overseen by our supervisors, who will scan your student ID upon entry. They are all qualified in the field of sports and have had first aid training.
Do I need to sign up in advance? If so, to which activities?

Yes, but only in certain activities. It is required when there are bus rides involved, reservations and/or limitations on the number of participants that can attend (hiking tirps, yoga, pilates, swimming, weightlifting classes…).

How do I sign up to an activity that requires me to to sign up in advance?
The sign up form is accessed by clicking on the activity in the schedule. Alongside the sign up form, a number will indicate the amount of still available spots
and a date will show you when you have to sign up.
How do i cancel my registration?

You can cancel your registration by clicking on the link to cancel the reservation in the confirmation email of the event and then confirm on the website that you want to cancel the reservation – if possible, do this at least 1 day before the training session so that others may apply.

Who do I turn to if I need more information regarding the activities of ŠportUP?
We suggest you contact the ŠportUP team by sending an email to this adress: info@sportup.si.
Can I attend the university recreation if I am an Erasmus+ exchange student?
Yes, all university recreation and other activities that are a part of ŠportUP are at your disposal. You need a valid student card to participate.
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