Sport UP during the exam period

Jan 24, 2022 | News

Due to an increasing amount of Covid infections we have decided to put Sport UP on hold during the exam period. Our goal is to minimise the risk of further quarantines and thus enable all of our students to attend their exams live.

During the exam period we will organize an array of workshops and guided exercises which will help you stay active and healthy!

What will you be able to attend?


                Stress management – Wednesday, 1.26.2022 at 13:10, ZOOM link
                Sleep management – Thursday, 1.27.2022 at 13:30, ZOOM link

Active breaks

Every day from Monday- Friday at 13:15, ZOOM link

Guided exercises

Pilates – Monday and Wednesday at 18:00, ZOOM link
                Yoga – Tuesday and Thursday at 18:00, ZOOM link


#1 Exercise with books (1.31.2022 – 2.4.2022)
                #2 50K steps (2.7.2022 – 2.11.2022)
                #3 Hiking (2.14.2022 – 2.18.2022)

We wish a successful exam period!

Sport UP team

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