Active breaks

Sep 6, 2023 | News

Every weekday at 1:15 p.m., we invite you to take part in our guided active breaks. You don’t need sports clothes or other equipment to attend – the exercises are adapted so that they can be performed in the office while wearing casual/office clothes.

Undisturbed prolonged sedantary behaviour can have deletrious effects on our health and may cause pain in the musculoskeletal system in the long run. Even short active breaks (30 seconds long) have positive effects, longer active breaks are even more beneficial.
What can we do to effectively break up our sitting time?

  • we encourage the habit of breaking up our sitting time by mindful placement of printers, shelves and other office equipment outside of our immediate proximity/arm’s reach,
  • hydrate regularly – if we have a small glass, we will have to refill it several times in the kitchen,
  • make at least one phone call per day while standing,
  • take 5-10 minutes for a longer active break (walking, climbing the stairs, gymnastic exercises…),
  • let’s not forget our eyes, which are also strained during computer work and studying – we can take a break and look around the room or look into the distance (out the window) – this relaxes the muscles that are constantly strained while reading or working in front of a screen.

The active break is performed via ZOOM (the link does not change throughout the year):

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