Important message for all students and staff attending Sport UP classes!

Oct 13, 2023 | News

Dear students,

we appreciate your interest in Sport UP activities and we are delighted to see so many of you valuing the importance of physical activity and wanting to participate in our programs.

However, we have noticed, da many of the registered, despite all of the available bookings being full, do not attend the classes. This is a problem for all the other students, who wish to participate but are unable to due to the limited spaces.

To ensure a fair opportunity for everyone, we have decided to implement a new measure:

Measure: If you do not cancel your booking in advance and do not attend the class, we will delete your future bookings and prevent you from registering for the next 30 days.

Please cancel your registration using the link provided in the email that you receive upon registering. If you cannot find the link, notify us (at least 12 hours before the class), and we will cancel it for you.

We emphasize that if you regularly attend classes and have not missed any, you should disregard this message.

We believe this measure is fair to everyone and encourages collective responsibility. We understand that unexpected events can occur, preventing you from attending. In such cases, please cancel your registration or inform us as soon as possible so that we will understand the reason for your absence.

We want everyone to feel welcome and to have an equal opportunity to participate in our activities. Your responsibility and respect for fellow students contribute to creating a positive environment for all.

Thank you for you understanding and cooperation.

Lep športni pozdrav,

Ekipa Šport UP

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